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mozaiq makes connecting consumer devices and services as easy as can be.

mozaiq connects devices and services

In a nutshell

mozaiq opens boundaries for the IoT



At the heart of your IoT business

mozaiq’s online marketplace provides the ultimate hub for your IoT business. We enable a completely open ecosystem for both IoT device vendors and service companies looking to connect with each other, and thus creating new IoT products.


Features / Key attributes to boost your IoT business:


connect with multiple parties at once – at a fraction of what in-house development would cost each partner.


monetize your IoT product or service in our marketplace by offering access to your system, including free or paid plan options.


join the marketplace and take advantage of our freemium pricing, pay-as-you-grow model, and simplified Terms & Conditions.


mozaiq strictly complies with all European IT security standards and privacy laws.


keep the big picture in mind while defeating one challenge at a time.


A German start-up driving the consumer IoT market

Leveraging the exciting opportunities of the Internet of Things for consumers and companies alike, mozaiq is the ultimate online marketplace. With minimal effort and guaranteed unconditional interoperability, mozaiq is designed to bring device vendors and service providers together and to connect any device with any service.
mozaiq also facilitates new revenue streams at minimal cost, as monetizing IoT offerings is built-in from the start. This enables companies to develop, test, and quickly validate real-life business cases at minimum risk. With mozaiq, the future of IoT is finally within reach.
  • One-to-manyIoT for the mass market

    mozaiq provides access to a pool of partners that companies require to bring IoT products to life. By connecting devices and services, mozaiq is paving the way for global consumer IoT markets.
  • Dynamic startupsolid foundation

    Early 2017 mozaiq started its cloud-based marketplace strategy with support of its shareholders ABB, Bosch, and Cisco.
  • Headquarters in Munichregional teams

    The company is based in the heart of Munich, within walking distance to the central train station. With teams also located in Frankfurt and in Paris, mozaiq has a headcount of 20 people and is presently expanding.

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