IFA 2017: mozaiq presents real IoT use cases for the mass market

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24. Juli 2017
Mass-market adoption of IoT is just around the corner
29. August 2017

IFA 2017: mozaiq presents real IoT use cases for the mass market

mozaiq and their visitors had inspiring talks at the booth party.

German startup, together with partner companies including Sigfox and Busch-Jaeger, presents practical IoT use cases for end users – Hall 26a/Booth 201

Munich, August 18, 2017 – At this year’s IFA in Berlin, September 1–6, the German startup mozaiq will demonstrate how companies can put the Internet of Things (IoT) into practice. In the IFA Next area, Hall 26a/Booth 201, mozaiq will present, with renowned partners such as Busch-Jaeger, CIBEK, ComfyLight, egardia, ifena, Sigfox, and Tunstall, a variety of IoT consumer-oriented applications.

mozaiq allows companies to launch new IoT products, efficiently, securely, and with manageable investment. IoT-enabled devices and services must be easy to use for consumers, but remain fast and simple to implement for device manufacturers and service providers alike. As a result, mozaiq has created a virtual IoT marketplace, equally accessible to service providers and manufacturers for end-user devices, that enables connecting different types of technologies, platforms, and online services. At trade fair IFA, mozaiq will introduce partner companies from a wide range of sectors, including the automotive industry, security solutions, smart home products, insurance systems, as well as assisted-living applications.

mozaiq and partner companies showing IoT use cases

mozaiq’s partner CIBEK specifically designed the “meinPAUL”-platform to support independent living in old age: a resident in need of assistance has just to press the help button on a tablet with the CIBEK app to instantly be connected, via mozaiq, to a telephone agent.

Energy service provider ifena analyzes current consumption and heating costs to generate forecasts. Thus ifena recommends measures to reduce costs and, if desired, automatically regulate the thermostats within a limit determined by the consumer. mozaiq enables control of these thermostats. Consumers can save up to 30 percent on heating costs – without reducing their level of comfort – and thereby also benefit the environment by lowering CO2 emissions.

Bosch Healthcare Solutions offers an IoT emergency call service, the Bosch Emergency Assistant. This service enables mozaiq-connected sensors, such as smoke detectors or smartwatches, to connect to emergency managers in a call center. Trained personnel evaluates the incoming alerts prior to initiating further actions, such as notifying contact persons or rescue services. In this constellation, the service can connect devices that communicate using the Sigfox network.

The home control system free@home, made by the ABB company Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH, transforms your typical residence into a smart home. In connection with mozaiq, the call system innovator Tunstall enables directly helping a person in need of assistance by remotely triggering pre-defined actions, such as turning on the lights.

IFA visitors can try out all of these IoT applications and more from different partners at the mozaiq booth, as well as design their own scenarios.

mozaiq’s Marketplace Concept

In addition to presenting recent use cases, mozaiq unveils first functionalities of its future marketplace interface. On tablets, interested parties can assemble their own scenarios and configurations very easily. Insurers or retailers, for example, can map their specific requirements onto the mozaiq platform and, moving forward, conveniently integrate services and devices.


By 2025, every person in the world will interact with networked devices every 18 seconds, according to an IDC forecast. While today’s IoT utilization rate is still low due to its complexity, mozaiq offers an IoT marketplace for all companies with products aimed at end users. In this dynamic marketplace, manufacturers can connect their IoT-enabled devices and other platforms to any service. As a result, companies can implement new IoT products quickly, safely, and with manageable investment expenses. In the future, all devices and services will be able to connect and communicate via the mozaiq marketplace.


Exhibition details:

Where: IFA, Exhibition Center Berlin
When: September 1 – 6, 2017
Booth number: 201, IFA NEXT area, Hall 26a
Booth party: September 4th, 5:30PM


mozaiq presentation at IFA NEXT Engine:

Where: IFA NEXT Engine, Hall 26a
When: Monday, September 4, 12:20PM
What: „IoT and breaking through to the mass market: How a marketplace can monetize the Internet of Things.“ (presented in German)

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