API available: Gigaset Elements now accessable


Simply connect window and door sensors, camera, motion detector, alarm siren and light control with Gigaset Elements.

If you want to protect a home from burglary or natural hazards, you can best equip your flat or house with intelligent sensors. In the Smart Home, sensors can, for example, report unwanted movements in rooms or on doors, inform about windows that are still open or warn the owners if there is smoke detected. An alarm siren and intelligent light control via switch socket can also help deter intruders. The wireless indoor camera provides valuable evidence in the event of a break-in.

The Gigaset possibilities for your Smart Home:

• Security Camera:

Keeping an eye on your home: with the Gigaset elements WLAN indoor camera, you can see what's happening in your smart home at any time with real-time video transmission in HD quality.

• Plug:

With the switch socket plug you can turn any electrical device from the lamp to the TV on and off.

• Sensors:

The sensors from Gigaset elements register movements in rooms or when someone is bothering with windows and doors.

• Smoke Detector:

Every second counts: The Gigaset smoke detector informs you immediately if it detects smoke. Through the siren sounds a loud beep on site. This minimizes the risk of fire in your smart home.

• Water Detector:

Water damage is not only annoying, it also causes high costs. The Gigaset elements water detector is the ideal complement to your smart home system. It warns you early on water leakage and also protects against mold by monitoring the room temperature and humidity.

Available Features:

• Plug: On / Off, Consumption Reading

• Camera: On / Off

Available Sensors:

• Window

• Door

Available Detectors:

• Water

• Smoke

• Motion