Awakening creativity in the IoT


Awakening creativity in the IoT

On October 10th, 16 Master’s students from the University of Niederrhein visited mozaiq’s Munich office for an introduction to our company and a first-hand look into the Internet of Things market landscape.

Our CEO, Axel Godoy, greeted the students and their professors with a presentation about mozaiq, highlighting the unlimited possibilities we offer our clients in the Internet of Things. A crucial aspect covered was the concept of interoperability.


noun / in·ter·op·er·a·bil·i·ty | \ˌin-tər-ˌä-p(ə-)rə-ˈbi-lə-tē \

Definition: the ability of a system to work with or use the parts or equipment of another system

What makes mozaiq special is that we enable our partners and platform users to connect with a multitude of other brands, devices, and services without having to set up their own interfaces. They simply register to our platform, which also comes with a powerful tool they can use to create functioning IoT use cases for different segments, while we match connections and enable interoperability between all marketplace participants.

Hands-on testing of the Use Case Designer

After a short break for coffee and conversation, the UX & Marketing team posed a fun challenge to the students: design a functioning use case with our Use Case Designer.

Before getting them started with our easy-to-use tool, we emphasized how IoT models are often steeped in technical jargon and binary scenarios that fail to reflect reality. By contrast, our Use Case Designer is set up to help users craft living stories that get to the heart of what it’s like to live in a smart world.

We divided them into teams and gave them 30 minutes to brainstorm, which generated interesting feedback about use cases as well as general usability and the Use Case Designer’s UX (mozaiq’s UX designers love hearing from users about what they liked and what they wanted more of, etc.).

They were impressed by the very intuitive handling of our tool and the creativity it allowed when generating unique IoT use cases. Half of the group were already users of smart devices at home, demonstrating how important it is becoming to easily manage smart objects in their everyday lives.

There was a clear winner and we presented each member of the winning team with a smart device (a smart LIFX bulb). The session was rounded out with a live use case demonstration (our mozaiq platform offers a developer mode to simulate IoT devices or test real devices).

Our thanks go out to Elena Adolphs, Prof. Dr. Michael Schleusener and Prof. Dr. Silvia Zaharia at the University of Niederrhein for choosing mozaiq as a good example of a new market business to show their students in preparation for their upcoming Master thesis.

Special thanks also to Axel for his presentation, Norma and René for organizing the event, Ben and Stephanie for managing the use case challenge and Kathrin and Helmuth for presenting live use cases to the students in the mozaiq showroom.

<p><strong>Awakening creativity in the IoT</strong></p><p>mozaiq hosts delegation of students and professors for a demonstration of interoperability in the Internet of Things (IoT)</p>

Awakening creativity in the IoT

mozaiq hosts delegation of students and professors for a demonstration of interoperability in the Internet of Things (IoT)