our offering

our offering

Seamless interoperability for the internet of things

In a global, heterogeneous IoT market with a large number of players, it is critical to enable interoperability among their various systems. To convince consumers, they need solutions that speak one language to address their specific use cases with a seamless integration of devices and services, independent of any provider.

What we offer –  functional overview

  • Regulation of access rights for devices, services and data by B2B customers
  • Usage of the mozaiq marketplace by B2B customers to monetize their products’ & services’ access
  • Functional abstraction for simple development, independent of any device or service provider
  • Usage of the mozaiq marketplace by B2B developers to monetize their software, services & data
  • Strict focus on data privacy and security according to German laws

our core

Unique selling propositions.

mozaiq platform

Cloud-based platform for IoT applications.

The cloud-based platform run by mozaiq.io enables interoperability between the devices and services of customers using the platform. The B2B platform enables simple data exchange between devices from different manufacturers. Users will no longer have to worry about technological compatibility when operating their IoT devices. Our IoT platform also allows seamless integration a new range of services for a fully unleashed IoT experience. Various use cases aiming concrete consumer needs are possible with mozai.io.

As a mozaiq customer, you address end consumers with your devices and services (business-to-consumer, B2C). You maintain your relationship with your customers even when using the platform, and your customers’ data remains in your system. Thanks to our cloud-based technology with functional abstraction and access rights management developers are able to bring applications to market in a minimum of time. Enhance your business opportunities with the portfolio of other B2B platform users.

Our IoT platform is designded to help you enriching the every day’s life of your consumers by connecting every service and IoT device. Platform users benefit from a reduction of development efforts through functional abstraction, usage of the mozaiq marketplaces for rights and services, regulation of access rights for devices, services and data as well as our strict focus on data privacy and security according to German law.

your benefits

Take the opportunity.



  • Participation in a growing B2B market place
  • Easy access to the smart home world (B2B platform)
  • Additional sales channel



  • Additional potential of up-selling/cross-selling
  • Specific point of usage offering
  • Delivery on demand



  • New business opportunities
  • Optimized cash flows and value chain
  • Anticipation of shopping card



  • New digital approach to satisfy your customer
  • Customer insights
  • Strengthen customer loyality

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mozaiq.io is a Germany-based startup with an international approach, powered by ABB, Bosch and Cisco. We provide a B2B platform to achieve interoperability of all cloud-based IoT products and -services independent of brands or ecosystems..