The dream of limitless connectivity...

... has arrived with the dawn of the Internet of Things.

And with more services and devices on the market, your IoT products need to learn more languages to understand each other.

What we offer

what we offer

Seamless connectivity becomes reality.

mozaiq is where you can connect your products or services ready to use for your customers all in the same language.

  • Service, data or device
  • Service, data or device
  • Service, data or device
Service, data or device

service, data or device

Our simple and powerful IoT Use Case Designer ensures that your smart asset works smoothly with others.

We give you the right tools to find new ideas and create brilliant opportunities for your existing business.

Establish new services or introduce additional features to your product or service by combining data of smart assets from 3rd parties.



Find your partners!

On the mozaiq Market you will find a large variety of brands, devices and services to connect to. Easily.

There is no need to negotiate complex contracts with each company involved in your solution – with mozaiq everyone works happily together.

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Leverage the power of collaboration!

Creating new business opportunities requires innovation and speed.

mozaiq gives you direct access to a variety of innovative brands, devices and services.

By joining our thriving community of IoT companies and technology professionals you will profit from the best in collaboration.

Use case designer

Use case designer

Build your cases!

With the mozaiq Use Case Designer, you are free to configure new ideas quickly and efficiently. This creates more possibilities for your customers with less effort, time and cost.

This easy to use drag-n-drop tool allows you to:

  • select from a large variety of devices, services or data providers;
  • define dedicated measures – each initiated by specified conditions, results or triggers;
  • combine devices, measures and actions to a logic unit that is executed for your customers reliably via the mozaiq platform.

Use Case Designer

Guided tour

Guided tour

Welcome to mozaiq!

Let us show you around.

In a nutshell

With mozaiq you can:

Enrich your customers' user experience instantly.

Find new revenue streams for your product and create new partnerships.

Incorporate new capabilities into your existing business model.

The ongoing collaborative process quickly helps your new ideas come to life. mozaiq takes the hurdles out of your way.

Come and join us!

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