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mozaiq connects device vendors, hardware manufacturers and service providers who want to digitize their products, have access to the endless possibilities of the Internet of Things or create new business opportunities. Our dynamic Community includes:

Lieferando.de is an online portal for food orders which delivers a wide range of dishes and beverages to individuals and businesses and works with over 10.000 partners in Germany.

Bosch brings more safety to the smart home by connecting smart devices to their Bosch Emergency Assistant.

Nubo offers the world's first 4G / LTE surveillance camera, which enables mobile video monitoring via WiFi.

Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services.

Myteepi provides sensors that measure temperature and humidity in the smart home and give alarm during power failure, noise and intrusion.

WiZ enables users to turn lights on and off, control brightness and change colors.

Smart lighting set up on your Wi-Fi network. Our plug and play WiZ lights connect to the cloud to provide the best ambiance to see, read and live.

Eagle Eye Networks provides a cloud based, on-demand security and operations Video Management System.

Eagle Eye Networks Camera Manager and Nubo cam, cloud video surveillance solution with no software to buy, no servers to maintain. Use the Eagle Eye CameraManager application to view real-time videos and listen to the camera’s audio stream.

Busch-free@home® products provide smart home solutions such as controlling blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning or door communication.

wibutler changes your home into a smart home in just a few steps. According to your individual needs, pace and budget.

digicom products and services support manufacturers in the Consumer and Automotive field to manage their whole supply chain.

Colt enables the digital transformation of businesses and provides world-class network and communications services to information intensive businesses across Europe, Asia and North America.

WeWork is a worldwide operating smart co-working space and provides technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises.

Garmin makes smart products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside and brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets.

Geotab is a global leader in telematics, providing open platform fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Geotab’s intuitive, full-featured solutions help businesses better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips data.

Business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps.

Experience the comfort of a Smart Home: Smart Thermostat, Security Camera with Face Recognition, Weather Station.

Dein elektronisches Türschloss für Zuhause. Eine kleine Erweiterung für dein Türschloss, eine große Erleichterung im Alltag. Mit Nuki und deinem Smartphone profitierst du ganz einfach von den unzähligen Vorteilen eines smarten Türschlosses!

Polar is a manufacturer of sports training computers.

Bitwards is the leader in smart access management and provides the money-saving solution to open doors via Bluetooth.

Crowdloc offers an affordable, low power location tracking solution for consumers and enterprises.Crowdloc offers an affordable, low power location tracking solution for consumers and enterprises.

Egardia makes the smart home safe for everyone by offering cloud-based alarm systems.

With Ifena heating costs can be reduced in a simple and legally secure manner.

Mobile Heights is an industry driven networking community founded by Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Telia Company, the Regional Council of Skåne and the universities of Lund, Malmö and Blekinge.

Groupe PSA is the second largest car manufacturer in Europe and provides mobility solutions to its customers in over 160 countries. With PSA in the cloud, the current GPS position can be transmitted.

By connecting to the Sensative cloud, smart home and facility management solutions are available.

Skyresponse delivers critical alarm management for the elderly.

mozaiq is a participant in the Smart Living Business Initiative, which is managed by the Smart Living office of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Smockeo is a fully autonomous connected smoke detector and delivers day-to-day monitoring as well as live alerts in case of emergency.

Founded in 2005, the Berlin-based high-tech innovation company TelcoVillage GmbH is the first mobile communications provider in Germany to provide the Internet of Things (IoT) with programmable interfaces (API) for its own and independent mobile core network.

Tunstall is one of the world's leading providers of Connected Care and Connected Health solutions, enabling the elderly and those in need of care to lead a self-determined and safe life in their own home.

V-ZUG produces high-quality household appliances which can be upgraded to smart products.

With Xee, cars are connected - they reinvent the car use with its connected services platform.

Yepzon provides GPS trackers to locate people and things.

Their products include a mix of objects in the smart home domain, GPS positioning, agricultural, mood capture and boat monitoring.

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