Why we are here

To unlock the limitless power of collaboration...

...we unite the power of the cloud.

Every moment the world is moving further towards radical connectivity.

The words “smart” and “intelligent” are casually being added to everyday objects in our homes and cities. But how do we make sense of smart cars and intelligent voice assistants, smart streetlights and intelligent kitchen electronics?

It is in the hands of businesses to offer inspiring scenarios that bring these connected things into the lives of their consumers.

At mozaiq, we keep track of all of the devices and services coming to market so that you and your company can create new opportunities for the age of IoT.

Increasing connectivity does not have to be overwhelming, and that’s why we work behind the scenes to give your brand the freedom to move to the forefront of the IoT race.

Solid foundation

Solid foundation

Our shareholders

In 2017, international shareholders ABB, Bosch and Cisco conceptualised a tool for creating interoperability of cloud-based products and services. Our investors envisioned a product and a community encompassing all things IoT.